Sunday, October 30, 2011

His encounter

I felt a hand on my back and turned.  There stood a beautiful woman.  Looking at me was a precious face that I loved.  A fried.  A prayer warrior.
Looking intently into my eyes she asks "Are you o.k?  This week, were you o.k."?

When this friend asks, you know she wants the real answer.  Not the church answer.  Not the casual "I'm great" answer and yet all the while you are dying to share the truth answer.  This friend seeks answers.  Not to her questions ... but to HIS!  He gives her visions.  He tells her to pray.  She intercedes and yet often, she does not know why.

I smiled and said "I really am good.  Aside from preparing to leave, we are good".  Puzzled she looked at me.  She doesn't follow my blog.  We don't talk daily.  But in all my life, I have never had a friend like her.  A friend who can get to the core of who I am, to a depth I don't even understand ... in just minutes.  Searching my eyes, she says "Wait .. you are leaving, your going to meet Levi.  You know your days?".  With a giggle, I tell her yes.  We leave in 2 short weeks and my mind is spinning".

She has to walk away at this point as she leads worship.  She is being summoned to the stage so our conversation gets cut short.  But as she does, she looks back and says "On Tuesday, Gina called and she heard directly from the Lord to pray for you.  She called.  We prayed.  She said doesn't even know you ... but she heard him say YOUR NAME.".   I am not certain what is going on ... but the Lord dialed us in.

She walks away.

As I sit in worship, I began to weep.  I remember back to last Monday (yes, just one day before).  I had written my blog post "Help Wanted".  I had summoned people to pray.  Not just casually say "Oh, I'm praying for you" ... but WARRIORS.  True and earnest friends committed to take my family, our journey and sit with it at his throne.

I don't know Gina.  I don't even think I can recall her face as I type this.  I know her name.   I know, in my church ... she is a prayer WARRIOR!  I know she is a part of the behind the scenes prayer team.  I know she stands in the front and prays healing and intercessory over people who come forth for her gifts.   I know she commits herself to the gift the Lord has given to her and through her - intercessory and prayer.  I don't know Gina .. but I know this friend who speaks these words to me.  She too, a Gina.  She too, a warrior.  This friend .. someone the Lord knows I trust.

I weep.

I didn't even have to ask ... the Lord had already began to gather his warriors.  I spoke a whisper through a blog.  I said it in the shower in the morning.  I thought it a few times ... and without me even knowing, he answered.

I stood in church and wept.  I stood there and heard him say "See, I told you I had that job covered.  I told you I would fill that job".

I am honored.

"Your father knows what you need before you ask him. - Matthew 6:8"

"Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts". - Psalm 139:23-24

"In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness.  We do not know what we out to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.  And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God's will" - Romans 8:26-27.  

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Creativity among the Chaos

I'm stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllll working on Z's room.  A little at a time, it is coming to life.  BUT, the sheets have been washed, the bed made and a special friend added to keep him company.

I've been trying to do a little crafting to add some decorative touches to his room.  Ya know, it's not cheap adopting and it's really not cheap when you take all but one member of your 5 member family to Ethiopia for 2 weeks and 2 more has to return a very short time later.  It's all worth it ... but it also leaves little for the "luxuries" of life.  That being said, this is called creating a room on a budget.  It's been fun though. 

We already have a little touch of Ethiopia in the room.  I found this on my trip in February and loved it.  

The room from the door.  I had to make "fuzzy" his name over his bed since we can't "OFFICIALLY" post it yet.  

And while I am STILL decorating, I am mostly COLLECTING ... donations, medicines we will need, and things that must be packed.  Z's room has become Ethiopia or Bust!  It is "Creativity amongst the Chaos"!  

Yes, the above are about 100 pairs of Crocs, two totes of clothes, a box of clothe diapers, 10 packs of wipes.  That's just the beginning ... that MUST travel with us.  Where is your clothes you ask?  Hmmm, I haven't thought that far ahead and they are far less important.  

Monday, October 24, 2011

Help Wanted

Looking for a few Good people.

Job Description:  Prayer Warrior!  One who holds a commitment to pray our family through the rest of this journey.

Hours:  The need begins now and while we are uncertain how long your job will be needed, I am pretty certain it will last long past the climax of the prayer time we are seeking.   You may be asked to work overtime.

Starting day:  October 24, 2011
Ending day:  The day our "Z" steps off the plane and is safe and sound in my arms and on our soil!
If interested, we are sure that we will be looking for prayers warriors who can work overtime ... and past the ending day of this job.  Future work is available.

Job skills:  While I know many will say "I am praying for you", I need a few prayer warriors who will be committed to covering our family in a lengthy list of prayers.  I need action.  I need you!  Some of these include:

  1. Health before, during and after our trips.  First trip - Nov. 15-26.  Please pray we stay healthy throughout this time.  
  2. Preparation; that we would not look past the important items we need to bring and leave those less important at home.  Prioritizing our needs vs. our wants.  Getting LOTS of donations and all we need into 8 bags.  Remembering every stitch of very important paperwork, camera's etc.  Pray I can get my thought together.  Lately, I feel like I am walking in circles.  
  3. Hearts:  That our hearts would be prepared to meet our little boy.  Doug, myself, Canyon (our 11 year old) and Dakota (our 9 year old) will be traveling.   Pray he gives us insight and wisdom for our first moments and days with "Z".
  4. Z:  For attachment and bonding.  This is already beginning - even through care packages and Nanny's preparing him.  Please pray for his sweet heart as he makes a very difficult transition.  
  5. COURT!  This is a big one.  Our court date is Nov 22 which is the middle of the night on November 21 for you.  We are looking for people who would ask the Lord to wake them in the night and would be interceding whenever you feel prompted during those 2 days for sure!  You can start now ... .  Looking for a PASSING court date is one of my biggest prayers.
  6. Saying Goodbye:  Please pray for the moment we have to leave our "Z".  May I be strong enough to walk away from him.  This already brings me to my knees.  I know others have done this ... but I am not certain how.  
  7. EMBASSY - please pray our paperwork is submitted to Embassy in a timely manner and that our Embassy would find "Z"'s "Clearly Favorable" so we can quickly return to bring him HOME.
  8. Maliah - our littlest will be home with Granny and PiPa.  Please pray for her safety and that she would feel adored.  We don't want to leave her out of this amazing time but know in wisdom, she'd be miserable on the trip.  Give us insight to her heart and what she needs over the next few months.
  9. Arrested hearts!  I cannot wait to see my husband and my 2 children step off the plane and into the place that arrested my heart in Feb.  Please pray that my children would have a sweet encounter with their savior and that his Gospel and his mandate to care for the orphan, widow and foreigner among them would become tangible!  This will be LIFE changing for them!
  10. As you feel led.  There are a 100 things swirling in my head.  I could never list all the things we need prayer for ... but if you are led to take this position, we know he'll prompt you to pray appropriately and as he leads.  Be committed to listen.  
Benefits:  Priceless!  Your prayers are the key to bringing home our son.  Will you join us and be a vessel to make this happen.  We would be so humbled and honored.

Any and All are welcome.  The only criteria for skills is a relationship with my Savior.  If he's yours too ... then join me.  If you don't yet know him, but want to ... let me know.  I'd love to introduce you!!  

If interested, please contact me.  Cristie - or leave me a comment here.  

Monday, October 17, 2011

Top 10 must have!

O.K., so gathering STUFF has commenced.  Piles are beginning in little "Z"'s room for our upcoming trip.  A packing list has been created.  Teachers have been contacted.  The principal has been informed of my kids absences.  Life is being organized and re-arranged around our travel dates.  Travel meetings scheduled with our agency.  Plans are being made for our littlest.  Conversations have begun with our two oldest kids about what they can expect to see, smell, hear and feel.

We are really going to meet our SON!

It's Monday and once again, I begin my week walking in circles.  I have decided that I will have to live by a list for the next 29 days if I am to actually get myself on that plane with my head attached.  So, todays list is my Top 10 packing items.

  1. Prescriptions/Medicines - I am certain to be a walking pharmacy.  You just never know what you will encounter in a 3rd world country.  I would rather be prepared than sorry.  Walgreens is going to love me!  Their stocks will go up this week.  Buy now!  
  2. Paperwork - I know their will be a LIST of things for our paperwork that we will need to bring.  Make room - this will be the MOST important item, next to my head, and cannot be checked in the luggage.  Seriously ... who knows if it will arrive.  It has been the holy grail of my life for the past year.  If the house goes up in flames and you can't find me ... check the office, I'm rescuing paper!  
  3. Donations - This is getting fun!  "Z"'s room is over-flowing in Crocs, baby wipes, clothes, diapers and more.  So much need but only so much room will make this a tough one.  Good thing we get two trips.  
  4. Electronics/Camera's - You only meet your son once.  I'd rather wear the same underwear 11 days in a row than to forget the items needed to document this unforgettable time.
  5. Snacks/food - I can remember on my trip this past February (to Ethiopia), a few members of my team brought chocolate.  SERIOUSLY ... that was like being given a piece of heaven.  With 2 very American kids in tow, I am certain some familiar foods will be just what they need to get through some tough moments or days ... and I might just get to be hero of the day!!  
  6. "Z" play backpack - Oh my goodness, this is crazy fun.  We bought "Z" his own backpack.  We won't leave it with him (as all things become communal property), but we will fill it each day with some things to do and play together.  When we come back to bring him home ... we will fill it with goodies just for him to help make the flights easier on the way HOME (we hope!)
  7. Toilet Paper - Um, yeah, don't forget the Charmin!  Travel TP is a MUST when flying abroad.
  8. Ear plugs - You should hear the dogs bark and the Muslim's praying at 4:00 am.  Without these, I will be a grumpy bear who was awakened from his hibernation.  Throw in extra for good measure.
  9. Dakota's blankie - SHHHH!  Don't tell her I wrote that on a public place.  Yes, my 9 year old still loves her special blanket.  11 days without it, would be 11 miserable days.  If Dakota's happy, we're all happy.
  10. Clothes - O.K., O.K., I suppose we should make room for some outfits for the 4 of us.  For sure, one nicer one for the day of court.  Maybe the judge will look on to a well polished American family and speak those magic words "He is Yours".  OH WE PRAY!!  We'll for sure have on clean underwear (see number 4) ... one extra at minimum.  
  11. For good measure ... don't forget the cash.  You can't quite exchange VISA for burr. 
So what else??? I do have a lengthy packing list here on my desk ... but ... are you a been there, done that friend?  What is something you would have never thought to bring but so wished you had??  Let me know!  Don't leave a girl hanging.

Oh, I know ... my silk pillowcase.  The last time I asked that question, sweet Amy made the suggestion and every night as I laid my head down on my comfy pillow case - I thanked her!!  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life is his highway ...

*Keep collecting those Crocs (see details here) ... and in the meantime, while you do pray without ceasing*

It seems recently that families awaiting to be cleared from the US Embassy (to which issues our children's VISA's to enter the country once adopted) has seen one delay after another.  This past week, a precious friend got word that the case for her 2 children had been sent to the Embassy in Naorobi for further investigation?  You can imagine the heartache and wonder of what this means?  She has been waiting since early August for her clearance to bring them home and this was a step that we had not yet heard of before.  We wept with her ... funny how quickly you feel the ache of your friends walking this journey.  It's as though the Lord knits our hearts together along the road.

Friday afternoon we then received the information at the end of this post in an e-mail from our agency.  A statement made by the U.S. Embassy.

Since then, my heart has ached and I have learned of more families and more cases walking this unknown journey.  To make clear, no body wants a child to be adopted that isn't truly orphaned.  It's the highest standard of our agency and unapologetically they will welcome delays if it means assuring that all things are done to the highest standards to ensure that.

But in the meantime, you can imagine the ache in the heart of a Mommy and Daddy who have gone to court, met their child and have finally heard the words they have longed to hear "He/She/they are YOURS".  Now, made an official family by the courts, the final step is to simply bring them home.

So, in the past days I have been praying and what keeps coming to my mind is a vision of a mountain.  Over and over, I see a mountain.  It's not a small one either ... it's Everest.  Folks, we have a HUGE mountain to climb  (yes, that means praying without ceasing!)

I shared with my sweet kids that we indeed had many hurdles and "mountains" to climb before our "Z" came home.  My 11 year old son reminded me as he looked boldly and confidently in my eyes "But we know the mountain MOVER".

Today, as I read the word, I was taken to Isaiah 49 in my reading.  As I looked at verse 11, I read his words "I will turn all my MOUNTAINS into roads, and my highways will be raised up.  Ironically, on March 3 2011, when we were seeing glitches with the process for MOWCYA, a girl in my church wrote down this same passage and slipped it to me during church.  On that day, I hung this passage in my office as a reminder of his promise.  Today, he took me back there in my own reading.   Seriously!  I love this - he was already laying his foundation of truth in me.  But as I looked at the small notes, I noticed that for the word "highways" it re-directed me and told me to "See Isaiah 11:16".  Jumping over to 11:16, I read; There will be a highway for the remnant of his people that is left from Assyria.  Hmmm?  O.K.  Looking further I then see under my notes that the word "highway" in this verse actually means "the removal of obstacles and the building of a highway leading to Jerusalem.

Our God won't just move the mountains.  He will literally turn them into roads and highways, building for us way to reach our destiny.  Roads, highways ... the places we know that take us where we hope to be! And when he does, we can trust that our God will literally remove the obstacles in our paths that stand in our way so we can achieve the destination he has appointed for us.


As I read the words he wrote, I realize that we can walk boldly and confidently forward.  Will you pray with me for the things you have read and the truth that we know.  The Lord has appointed each child to his/her/their place into a family.  Will you pray with me that he will build the highway that leads them HOME!

Information regarding processing of Form I-600, Petition to Classify Orphan as an Immediate Relative, Filed at the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa

In January, April and September, 2011, the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, the Office of Children’s Issues of the Department of State, and the Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) conducted public meetings for adoption service providers (ASPs), adoptive parents, and other stakeholders to address concerns about the quality and completeness of inter-country adoption cases presented in Ethiopia.  To ensure prompt adjudication and avoid concerns about possible malfeasance, it is important that I-600 petitions (Petition to Classify Orphan as an Immediate Relative) and accompanying evidence be fully and carefully prepared before presentation to the Embassy.

Approximately 80% of I-600 petitions submitted to the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa in recent months were incomplete, contained inconsistencies or errors, or did not contain sufficient evidence to document the child as an orphan under U.S. law.  In addition, the Embassy continues to see cases which involve abandoned children but do not include sufficient evidence to document the abandonment and/or evidence of appropriate efforts to locate a child’s birth family.  The Embassy also has received evidence of unethical recruitment of children from birth relatives and cases involving known birth parents from whom parental rights have not been severed by the Ethiopian courts.  In these cases, consular officers in Addis will need to take additional measures to confirm that a child meets the legal definition of orphan, which could delay processing by several months. 

The Department of State and USCIS remind all families interested in adopting from Ethiopia that consular officers are required to forward any I-600 petition that is not “clearly approvable” to the USCIS Field Office in Nairobi for adjudication.

For families that already have an I-600 petition on file at the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, consular staff will advise them when a determination is made to approve the petition and the case may be scheduled for an immigrant visa interview in Addis Ababa, or when the petition is not “clearly approvable” and forwarded to USCIS Nairobi for adjudication.  Upon receipt of a petition,” USCIS in Nairobi will notify the parents that the case has been received and issue any requests for additional evidence if necessary.  Families can find more information about processing I-600 petitions referred to USCIS Nairobi at under “Adoption/Country Information.”
It should be noted that, although this update specifically addresses I-600 petitions filed with the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, USCIS sees similar problems with I-600 petitions filed with the USCIS National Benefits Center (NBC).  Families can contact NBC at  .
If families have concerns about their adoption, we ask that they share this information with the Embassy, particularly if it involves possible fraud or misconduct specific to their cases.  The Embassy takes all allegations of fraud or misconduct seriously.
The best way to contact the Embassy on issues related to adoption is by email at  Please include your name, your child's name, your adoption agency, the date of the adoption (month and year), and, if possible, the immigrant visa case number for your child's case (this number begins with the letters ADD followed by several numbers and can be found on any document sent to you by the National Visa Center).  Please let us know if we have your permission to share concerns about your specific case with Ethiopian government officials and any other person or entity.
We strongly encourage you to register any complaint that you may have about an adoption agency in the following ways:
The U.S. Embassy continues to work with the Government of Ethiopia to ensure that appropriate safeguards exist to protect prospective adoptive children, their birth parents, and prospective adoptive parents.
We encourage prospective and adoptive parents to remain in contact with their adoption service provider to stay up-to-date on any information pertinent to their individual case.  The Department will post relevant information on as we receive it.

To help clarify the notice the US Embassy issued, additional information can be viewed at the USCIS website here which further explains the current process of cases being forwarded to Nairobi when deemed “not clearly approvable.”

We will continue to notify your family of any new information provided.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Crocs for Coffee Campaign!!

Listen up!  We head out to Ethiopia on November 15th and it's our desire to bless the shoes off of the children we will meet and love on!  Over and over we hear that one of the critical needs in our Transitional Home and in other orphanages we will visit is SHOES!  SO ... I am working on a Croc Campaign and would LOVE for you to join us!  Will you partner with us?


For every pair of Crocs (or similar - doesn't have to be name brand) you donate, I will add your name to a drawing for 
(Please provide NEW Shoes - these sweet children seldom get anything NEW just for them)
1 Gift Box of Ground to Cup Coffee
(This can be private labeled with your families photo - 3 pounds of coffee in a Christmas Gift Box.  
Not a coffee fan - we also have Hot Tea's, Specialty Drinks and Kidz Kreme Mixes (makes slushy frapps just for kids) we can do Gift Boxes with

Any size Crocs  

Due by: November 3
E-mail me and I will send you my address for you to mail them if you are out of San Antonio

Drawing will be held on November 3 - and pulled by our birthday girl, Maliah on that day!!  

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I think I have been walking around in circles for the past 4 days.  My brain feels like it's in a fog and trying to put a complete thought together yet alone accomplish anything each day has gone out the window.  This must be what they call "Court Date Brain" hey, all the pregnant Momma's can blame their mishaps on hormones so why can't I?  

We have officially gotten our tickets purchased - Thank you, Erica Shubin!  That too would have gotten hairy without her wonderful assistance.  WHEW!  At least we have one step complete.

I now am trying to put my thoughts together on what to do next.  HMMMMMM?????

I have made an observation of myself in the past few days.  When I don't know where to get started I do the brainless thing ... laundry.  Yep, the baskets are now EMPTY of dirty clothes.  While my hubby is thrilled, my to do list isn't getting any shorter ... then again, what "to do" list?  Putting that together would take thought and organization to which right now ... I seem to be lacking both.  Lord help me!

But, I do know one of the things high on my list is collecting donations and I have used what brain cells  I do have to make a list here again of items that are needed in the Transitional Home.  As well, we will be in a few other orphanages and areas that we would like to bless the children and staff.  So, if you feel inclined to donate items, please let me know.  You can leave me a comment with your e-mail ... I won't publish it.  Or you can e-mail me directly at  We are under a weight and bag limit so I will be doing lots of packing, re-packing, and packing again.  What doesn't fit the first trip will return with us the 2cnd.

We'd love for you to join is in collecting.  Even a few things adds up if we have several helping so anything would be a blessing!
In advance THANK YOU!

There are several items that the transition home is in need of for the older children• Musical instruments
• Athletic clothing and shoes for soccer
• Christian videos or DVDs
• Swimsuits for boys and girls 

Orphanage and Transitional Home General Donation Needs:
 o Puzzles for young children
o Toy cars and trucks appropriate for toddler aged children
o Diaper rash ointment (A+D preferred)
o Children’s clothing (new or slightly used); Boys and Girls; sizes 0-8 years. Clothing needs include day clothes (especially pants), pajamas, underwear, and shoes.
o Diapers for up to 30 pounds
o Toys to stimulate babies such as colorful objects, rattles, etc. that are appropriate for babies up to 2 years
o Unscented baby wipes
o Powder formula with DHA/RHA
o A + D Original Ointment, Diaper Rash and All-Purpose Skincare Formula
o Hand Sanitizer
o Candles
o Enfamil or Similar Lactose free formula (*the following Generic Brands with identical nutritional value to Enfamil & Similac are also acceptable: Parents Choice formula from Wal-Mart, Target’s generic Formula, Kirkland formula from Costco)
Medications/Medical Donation Needs** o Multivitamins
o Chewable multi-vitamin (2 years to 9 years)
o Adult multivitamin (9 years plus)
o Infant’s and Children’s Tylenol (acetaminophen)
o Plastic and Latex disposable gloves
o Baby nose saline spray
o Neosporin
o Mouth and nose masks
o Benadryl liquid/elixir
o Permetherin for scabies
o Lice kits
o Toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Inquiring Minds Want to know...

YEE HAW, we received a monthly update with a bunch of pictures of our sweet boy yesterday afternoon.  We had submitted our "5 questions" last month and got these answers with our update.  We are still waiting on the most current height/weight and growth stuff.  Apparently, they were running behind on that and we were told they'd send that to us when it arrives.

BUT ... because inquiring minds want to know.  This is what we learned today about you, Little "Z".

1. What is Z's disposition and personality? Is he happy, cry often, compliant or strong

Z is happy most of the time but cries sometimes when he is inconvenienced. 

2. What is Z daily schedule?

He wakes up around 6:30 in the morning, has breakfast at 7:00-7:30am. He plays until 
8:30 am when he attends nursery class. At 10:30 he has a snack break and then returns to 
class to play and learn. At noon he has lunch, and then will take a nap from 12:30-2:00pm. 
At 2:00 he attends educational play and at 4pm will have snacks then will go back to play. At 
6:00 pm he eats dinner and at 7:00 he will go to sleep. 

3. What soothes Z when his is upset, or how does he like to be comforted?

He soothes when he is held close and given toys. 

4. Does Z play with other children and have a special "playmate"?

He mostly play with all children but he is inclined to play with Bedilu. 
*note* I love this one!  Bedilu is the little boy of a friend that I met during this process.  I love her and her sweet hubby so this ones makes me giggle.  It also makes me a little sad ... Bedilu is awaiting Embassy Clearance and then will leave the TH.  Please pray for my little guy, he'll have to say good-bye to a special friend soon.  ;-(

5. Since he speaks Sidamo, is he able to communicate with the Nannies or is he learning Amharic
or English to communicate?

Now he is communicating in Amharic and he is also learning English in his nursery class. 
(Hmmmm, wonder how that is working for him?)

Prayer for today!  We have flights on hold but can't purchase them until we get approval from our agency.  I am not so patiently awaiting that approval as the flights keep changing prices ... and I don't want to delay and get smacked in the face with a huge price increase.  It happened yesterday to the first round we chose by the hundreds EACH ticket.  SO ... if your praying, today we need approval and flight purchase to take place.  THANK YOU!  

Monday, October 3, 2011

We got a COURT DATE!

On Friday morning the phone rang.  Once again, when I least expect it ... the Lord sends a fun surprise!  I saw the area code 703 and I was so unsuspecting (because I had just heard courts were not going to open until the 13th) that I didn't even think in my head "AWAA".  In fact, I had no clue who it was.

As I answered and heard the sound of Kristin's voice, I still wondered.  At first, I began to panic ... oh no ... something is wrong with "Z".  But then, my panic turned to rejoicing when I heard her say "We have some exciting news for your family today".

So ... it is official.  We have a COURT DATE!  We had (admittedly) hoped for an earlier one, but at this point in the ball game, I am just thrilled to have a day to work towards and a day in my heart that I KNOW that I will be the one delivering my little guy a care package and holding him.

November 22cnd is our court date!  You can start praying even today that we would pass court on that day.  50% of cases do not and we are praying for the Lord's favor and blessings over our case.  Join us!

We are working, even as I type, to secure some dates of travel.  We have to be there no later than the 19th and can add on days if we desire.  OF COURSE we desire to do so!  We are hoping to visit some friends, go back to some of the places and ministries I fell in love with in February AND hopefully, make the 5 hour trip south to Awassa to meet the children in the CarePoint (Warancha) we are helping to coordinate and sponsor.

Lots to do, lots to plan, lots to think about!  It's Monday and I am honestly overwhelmed at even where to begin.  I think their are 11 other families having my same Monday morning.  11 court dates were given out this past Friday.  Seriously, that is worth rejoicing over.

Rejoice, again I say, Rejoice!

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