Monday, July 16, 2012

That's it - in a nutshell.

I seemed to have lost my self in the midst of these ...

And have neglected all things "Blog" for the entire summer!  I have done a lousy job documenting the madness of our life and failed to post some precious and memorable moments along the way.  I miss you, my bloggie friends, oh how I miss you!

Through an abbreviated stream of photos, I thought I'd re-cap that absolute craziness of our life right now - or at least the highlights of a few of them.  It seems with 4 kids, the camera is out less often as my hands are always full with with something or someone.

I started May with attending the Christian Alliance for Orphans Conference in California (CAFO).  I also had a Visiting Orphans Board Meeting that followed.  4 days away ... I never knew how much I'd need these 4 days with all the chaos to come!

Yes, that would be Francis Chan speaking!

Of course, an adoption favorite!  SCC played the last night

May then brought a slew of end of the school year activities

- We learned that Maliah was born to be on the stage at a Kinder performance ...
 Field Day for all 3 ... in ONE day!  

Meanwhile, Z and I were at the hospital being admitted for an eye infection that would keep us for 2 nights and 3 days ...

That stay was the same weekend as Dakota's 10th birthday AND a baseball tournament.  Praise God for Grandparents!

Dakota celebrated a girls day with her bestie and Momma!  

And School Awards for all 3 ...

And Canyon being chosen to be a part of the Comal ISD Gifted and Talented Showcase where he represented his WWII project and video on "The Power of WWII on it's people".

And the Last day of School Carnival 

Which also meant the last day of Elementary School for my sweet Canyon.  He's officially a middle schooler and I am officially OLD!

Oh ... and in the middle of all of this, we were trying to sell our house

To which we did as soon as it hit June

That led us to put an offer on a house and begin the process of moving.  We are, as I write, getting ready to close and begin doing re-model work on our new house.  Packing away and getting prepared to live officially in the "Hill Country" which leaves me with views like this ... Yeah, that will be my backyard.  *sigh*.  I'm thinking as I look through my chaos, this will be a nice retreat.

The beginning of June brought a visit from my dearest friend in the world - Cindy! Maliah was THRILLED to see Libby and it was super fun to introduce Gracie and Z.
These girls have known each other longer than we have known them.  Both from  Xuwen, their is a crazy special bond.

June would also not be complete without another dance recital by my blue eyed beauty.  This year, she was in 3 dances ...

And the State Championship baseball Tournament for Canyon led us to a weekend in Round Rock, Texas where the Angels fought hard to make it to the Championship game.  3 games in a row on a hot Sunday (after 2 the day before) led them to the final game ... they lost, but they fought hard and taking 2nd isn't too shabby.

And of course, June brought Canyon's 12th birthday.  He had a day of Fiesta Texas with a buddy and chose for his Family birthday dinner - a night to the "Trough" at "Golden Corral".  HAHA.

June also brought a special day at Schlitterbaughn when my nephew, Rhett, (age 16) came through for the day from Oklahoma.  

And June/July was filled with Lemonade Stands on the corner with all the neighborhood kids ...

And this week (July) has brought the beginning of our yearly TbarM camp experiences.  Dakota and Canyon were dropped off for what we have figured out is their 5th camp year.
Here the kids are getting dropped off.  TbarM would not be complete without some of our dearest friends, the Wilburn's.  Caden and Canyon have been friends since Canyon was 22 months.  Dakota and Kennedy, since birth.  

Drop off is WILD!  While Daddy goes with Canyon to get him set up in his bunk, I take care of Dakota.

When we are done dropping off the girls, we usually head to the boys cabin to give our final hugs.  This year, we officially missed the window (apparently).  My boy is a middle schooler ... and this is the last thing I saw of his drop off.  HAHA.

So - what's a girl to do?  Head out, grab "The Little's" and burry my sorrows in them and ice cream!

And of course, July wouldn't be complete without Maliah getting her own TbarM camp experience.  She went off to day camp for the first time today.

So July will end with us closing and selling our old house, closing on a new house, having re-model work done, packing and moving and oh - retrieving kids from camp.  

Perhaps come August, I'll find the time again to blog.  Perhaps?  Do stop back by ... I am also working to have my blog "made over" soon.   One more thing on the "to do" list.

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