Thursday, August 16, 2012

Warancha Sponsor Letters ... on their way

To all those precious families sponsoring children at our CarePoint, Warancha, in Awassa.  

I have just received word that many of the children have been letter writing and many of you will be receiving letters from your children soon.  I was sent a list of those who can expect a letter, however, I wanted to share that not all the children have sent letters this time.  I hope, as a sponsor, you won't be disappointed if your child didn't yet get that chance.  Please know how important your sponsorship is to your child and that your letters and support are indeed their hope and future! 

I have inquired as to why some of the families were not on that list and have received explanation.  As you read this, will you stop for a moment and pray for your child?  These children are God's beautiful treasures that have often dealt with more in their life than any of us could ever imagine.  The response I received today was my reminder of just how important our relationship building is with our child.  I know for myself, each day I neglect many of the things I want to do because life gets busy and I get pulled in another direction.  This is the same for your child, but to add, many of them are struggling through situations that you and I might never understand or imagine.    This is our chance to set aside our own desires and put loving others above ourselves.  We write with nothing expected in return ... knowing that when we do, we are loving his child, in his name!

Eventually nearly every sponsor will get a letter in the future, however, not every family sponsoring will receive a letter in this batch.  Because our staff facilitate letter writing on a quarterly basis, there are a number of factors that are involved that effect whether or not a sponsor will get a letter. J Such as…

  • ·         Sponsor initiate sponsorship for their child after the letter writing has been completed, therefore the child was not officially sponsored at the time the letter writing was taking place(it takes weeks to have  the letters translated, organized and then sent with the next traveling team to the States. J )
  • ·         The child was not present at the CarePoint that particular day that the letter writing was taking place
  • ·         The child did not feel comfortable writing a letter (although most children do write and although letter writing is highly encouraged by our staff, children are not forced to write to their sponsors) at the time. As you are aware, most of the children we work with have faced significant challenges in their young lives such neglect, upheaval,  abuse or even abandonment and therefore need time before they feel comfortable enough to trust their sponsor.  

I hope you will take a moment today and write your child today.  You can do so through the HopeChest site.  You will need your child's Identification number on the bottom of their sponsorship profile to get started.  

There are many children yet to be sponsored in Warancha.  If you are reading this today, would you consider partnering with us to love on them!  You can contact me at and I can get you started!

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