Monday, February 7, 2011

What if the Super Bowl ...

Go Packers!  Millions sat around their TV's last night consuming wings, pizza, burgers and beer while they watched the Steelers fall behind early in the game.  A second half rally left them within 3 points but all those who love their Packer's were excited to watch them persevere to a 31-25 win.

We all watched and waited for each commercial to air.  Probably a highlight for many of the game.  Each 30 second ad, working to capture the attention of targeted consumers.  At a cost of 2.6 million for one ad, it's a hefty price tag no doubt but one business's must see as worthy.

I couldn't help to watch and wonder how many billions of dollars goes into this one event.  One football game captures not only the nation's attention but billions of dollars.

I preface this post by saying, I believe in Capitalism and the week closing into Super bowl is definitely one for the liking for grocers, restaurants, hotels and the NFL.

It leads one to wonder though.  What if the Super bowl could help change the world? What if the Super Bowl could help Bring a Hope and a Future?

At Ground to Cup Coffee, the company my husband is a partner in, they have put together a business model that we believe in.  The goal like any business is to make profits but they have that goal with the mindset of knowing that the more they make, the more they can give!!  40% of each sale through their partners and fundraisers goes back to their causes.  10% back from all straight retail sales.  

It makes me wonder, what if the Super Bowl and everyone involved modeled the same?

It was predicted by the National Retail Foundation that 10 billion dollars of consumer spending would take place during the Super Bowl.

Each 30 second ad cost 2.6 million.

GM alone spent 15 million on air spots.

The average price of ticket sales were $5,000 but many going as high as $13,500 for one ticket and $450,000 for a box.

The stadium attendance that night was 103, 219 ... just shy of the 1980 goal of 103,985 that brought in 1.3 billion.  Factor in inflation on those tickets.  I'm sure last night rivaled in revenue.

$200 dollars just to sit outside and watch the game on a jumbo screen.

What about the players salaries ... I can't even imagine.

So what if 40% of all those proceeds were used to change the world?

How many adoptions could we fund at $30,000 give or take an adoption?

How many water wells in Africa could we dig?  According to "The Water Project", a well in Africa and India costs around $4,500 for one well and will serve hundreds of families.  Go check out Glimmer of Hope and read their stories of how they have changed entire communities.  Can you imagine what the Super Bowl could do?

How many Food Pantries could we serve?  How many homeless shelters could we build and staff?

How many school districts could we change?  I know ours is letting teachers go and increasing our class sizes from 22  up to 30 or more kids in a class because of district cuts.  What if we used one event each year ... just a portion of 40% of the revenue brought in and actually kept teachers in classes, supplied districts with the tools/computers and resources that they need.
We talk of wanting to make education a priority in our country.  What if everyone involved in the Super Bowl and all those revenues were a part of that change?  Now that would be a role model for our kids and grandkids!

I love watching the Super Bowl.  The food, the friends, the commercials and I think somewhere in all the hype, the game!  But this year, I couldn't help wonder ...

What if the Super Bowl could change the world?  What if 40% of the billions went back to bringing a Hope and Future?  

Think on these things ...


Shine Like Stars said...

You and me think alike girl. But this year, along with the "what if" thinking, I was praying for the 15,000+ children that were to be trafficked into Dallas for the influx of people. There is more money made underground during the weekend of Superbowl than made commercially in the 7 days leading up to the event. Makes my heart sad.

Keep up the good work Ground to Cup!

Debb said...

Great Post! I couldn't agree more!

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